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Sweet Pea Seed Direct from the Breeder 2010

Breeding ornamental plants is an art form, and, as with any art, it is important for there to be direct communication between audience and artist. To this end, each year, I offer some of my Sweet Pea raisings direct to gardeners in New Zealand by mail order.

Last year, I introduced Winter and Spring flowering types, which make it possible to have flowers throughout the year. This year I am offering some large flowering types, which are especially suitable for exhibition.

Previously, the demand for 'High Scent' has exceeded supply. Happily the 2009/2010 growing season has produced bumper crops and good stocks are available.

To keep this list manageable, I am limiting the offering to fifteen items, however, check out my website: for additional cultivars and other plants.

New for 2010 Red, White and Blue
(plus Pink)
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Large flowered, long stemmed, self coloured cultivars suitable for exhibition

Rich crimson. Late flowering so sow June/July where possible.

Wild Swan
Purest white.

My Navy
Navy blue.


Pale blue.

Pink Nines
Multi-flowered mid pink.

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Strongest scent.  

High Scent
Has been recognised as the benchmark cultivar for scent.  In addition, the Royal Horticultural Society has just awarded it an Award of Garden Excellence.  Spelling has varied, but will now be standardised as High Scent.  Violet flush and edging on cream ground.

This is the genuine wild Sweet Pea. This stock was collected in Sicily during the 1970s.  All other Sweet Peas have been developed from it.

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A mixture of Winter and Spring flowering types which will enable you to have flowers over a greatly extended season. Sow normally between June and September but you can sow in October/December for autumn flowering and in March/April for Winter flowering. A range of self and bicoloured types.
A mixture of flaked blooms where the colour occurs as stripes on both sides of the petals.

Moody Blues
A mixture of large flowered cultivars in different shades and combination of blue.

Often people are disappointed when they buy a packet of mixed Sweet Peas because the colour range is very limited. Kaleidoscope contains bicolours, reverse bicolours, flakes, stripes and self-colours in a wide range of shades and combinations.
This is a mixture of bicoloured flowers where the standard petal is a different colour or shade to the wing petals. Unlike earlier bicoloured mixtures, Pathfinder contains both regular and reverse bicolours.
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Almost Black
What more appropriate colour could a Kiwi want? The flowers are small and unwaved like ancestral sweet peas, which adds to the intensity of colour. They do appear black under artificial lights and when used in a vase with other colours.

Lunar Sea
Has pure cream wavy flowers. This is a winter/spring flowering type. Cream is a good colour to blend with others.

Big Blue
A large exhibition type mid blue.

Growing your plants

You do not need to sow all your seed at the same time. If stored in a deep freeze it will keep indefinitely.
In most parts of New Zealand, best results will be obtained if seed is sown between June and October.
Sow outside in pots or where the plants are to flower. Sweet peas are cold hardy and do best grown hard in full light. If raised in pots, chose an open potting mix and plant into well drained soil. Protect from slugs and snails.


Seed is available in packets of approximately 25 seeds for $5 GST inclusive.

Send your order (order form here) and payment together with a self-addressed (complete with your postal code) and stamped envelope ($1 stamp) to:
Dr Keith Hammett,
488c, Don Buck Road,
Auckland 0614

Please make cheques payable to Dr Keith Hammett.

Payment may be made by direct transfer to:
Bank: ASB Bank Ltd., Westgate, Auckland, New Zealand
Swift Code: ASBBNZ2A
Account number: 12-3033-0249746-00
Account holder: Dr. K.R.W.Hammett

To keep things as simple as possible I will substitute a similar item if we run out.